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Matthew is a teacher for the Milne Institute and the Institute as a whole, class description of C1 through 4, the Advanced Content Classes, and the Visceral Class, and  can be read about in detail on the website.

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C1: Austin, TX

April 27th to 30th 2023

Contact Matthew Kirsch for registration


[email protected]

C1: Honolulu, HI

May 24th to 27th

Contact Matthew Kirsch for registration


[email protected]

Guatemala @ the Yoga Forest

Milne Institute C1: Foundations Class

September 6 - 9, 2023

The Yoga Forest will be the host for this class and a scheduling / registration link will be provided soon.

Gold Coast, Australia 2023

Milne Institute C1: Aug 03 - 06, 2023

C2 Advanced Content / Review: Aug 9th

Milne Institute C3: Aug 10 - Aug 13, 2023

C1: Advanced Content / Reveiw: Nov 2

Milne Institute C2: Nov 03 - 06, 2023

C3 Advanced Content / Review: Nov 15th

Milne Institute C4: Nov 16th - 19th, 2023

Milne Institute Visceral Class: Nov 30 - Dec 03, 2023

Contact host: Alani Klein


[email protected]


Practitioners around the world request these courses to be taught closer to their home. If you would like to discuss being a host and having Matthew Kirsch teach, please contact 512-299-2924, and leave a brief message about who you are, and where you are located. Matthew will return your phone call to discuss host requirements and see if a class is applicable to be scheduled. Matthew is always honored by the request to teach.

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