Donation Based Care

In the wake of Covid 19 and so much widespread job and income loss, 

this practice felt called to offer Donation Based Care. As we emerge to a certain feel of normalcy, I still wish to embrace and offer Donation Based Care; it makes my heart happiest to offer my practice and meet people in this way.

  The concept is simple . . .

"Do what you can with where you are with what you have, 

and I do the best I can every session with this healing work I offer."

The online scheduler will give you the option to choose the 

regular rate or donation based session.

Regualar Rate is -  $180

Donation Rate . . . 

Do what you can, 

(please keep it in denomination of 10 to make life simple)

The online scheduler is structured to offer a $60, $120, or $180 rate for ease of scheduling and (pre)-payment. You can also choose "Donation - other" at $0 and add a tip amount that best serves your needs. Whatever it is, you will always get my best - I'm here to help.



We are all just walking each other home.

Ram Dass