#Pimpinjoy Donation Sessions and Events

This page is being constructed but here is what we are working on . . .

Where #Pimpinjoy Started:  Bobby Bones Show

and how this practice Pimps Joy (already have my tshirt)

#Purcahse Pimpin Joy Merchandise Here from Bobby Bones Store

All Profits go to St. Judes

Donation Day:

Wed January 30th, 2019

Luna Studio

3 to 7

February 27th 2019

Luna Studio

3 to 7

March 27th 2019

Luna Studio

3 to 7

Donation Day:  Group Acupuncture & Bodywork in 45 minute Session

Once a month this practice holds a 4 hour donation day, seeing up to 5 people per hour placing acupuncture needles and giving one craniosacral contact per person.  

For Donations: You may choose to:
  • Donate to the Go Fund Me page to raise funds to support my airfare and associated expenses to go to Peru and Nepal for donating acupuncture care to underserved communites.  I have already sent my application to Project Buena Vista and am looking into additional similar connections.  If 100k or more is raised yearly, I will offer deeply discounted work so everyone may easily access care.
  • Donate to St Jude: the original organization #pimpinjoy connected with 
  • Donate to Austin Pet's Alive:  If you ever had a four legged family member you'll always think 'what if I didn't get you in time or if you weren't at a no kill animal shelter.  


Chloe Cause:  

Free Bereavement Session 

within 3 weeks of the passing of a pet.

About Chloe and the Cause:

Chloe was a magical.  Everyone that met her knew there was something extraordinary special about her, and in my life she was a guardian angel, best healer I have ever met, best friend, and family.  

Chloe contracted an infection that spread quickly and she left much too early in my opinion.; but she was one of the best beings in my life for 11 years.  I created Chloe Cause; cause when you loose your four legged ball of fur the pain is present, and these sessions are to comfort and provide space to feel all those feelings about your amazing four legged family member; and it helps me honor the loving memory of Chloe.  

The session is free and there are no strings attached, but if you like you can donate to Austin Pet's Alive in your pets name or in Chloe's. 

 Here is a link to Austin Pet's Alive.


To Schedule your session, use the online scheduler, select Chloe Cause, choose your date and time, and I'll take care of you.  

More to come:  Dates, Registration, and links will arrive soon.  Thanks for your patience as we work to gather and connect community.

We are all just walking each other home.

~Ram Dass