Donation Based Care

The concept is simple

"Do what you can with where you are with what you have, 

and I do the best I can wherever I am with this healing work I can offer."

Suggested Rate is $120

Donation Rate Suggestion Begins at $60

If you can do more, please consider supporting my volunteer work with

International Medical Relief.

If you can do more, purchasing a copy of my novel contributes to normal living expenses which allows me to focus on donation and volunteer work.  Please share on social media as well.  



We are all just walking each other home.

Ram Dass

International Medical Relief

Joining a team of Doctors, Dentist, Nurses, as a practicing acupuncturist and manual therapist to help people in underserved communities worldwide.  

The next trips planned are:

Costa Rica: December 2020

Himalayas: March 2021

The fundraising page is attached directly to, and my input into this page is currently being updated.  


‚ÄčYour acupuncturist is also a published author under the pen name of  U.B. Light.  

Purchasing a novel goes to living support (a.k.a. - the bills) which enables Matthew to continue donation and volunteer work.  Rather than a Go Fund Me, go this route.

Fantastical in nature, meant for the young and adult reader alike, all works published under U.B. Light thread the theme of overcoming obstacles and creating meaningful memories through storytelling.

Get your copy on Amazon!  and Thank You!!

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