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Here you will find links to my favorite plant based foods, recipes, and resources.

Links to Emerson Wellevate, an online platform that allows the practitioner to subsribe supplements to patients, and for patients to have easy access to dosage, ingrediants and refills.

Links to at home testing kit for specific health screening.

Links to supplement companies not yet registered with Emerson but I believe have a high quality product.  

Disclaimer and Notes Before Engaging in Any Supplementation

Supplements & Herbs introduce a number of variable factors outside an acupuncture & bodywork session. 

For protection of this practice, and for your personal safety, read the following:

You should always consult your practitioner before taking supplements.  

You should always consult, inform, and get approval by your primary care physician before beginning any supplements or supplement protocol. 

If you have any unwarranted side affects, you should stop taking the supplement(s) immediately and consult your practitioner and medical doctor.

If you have an emergency, call 911.   

By purchasing any supplements from the URL supplied, or any company Matthew Kirsch or Kirsch Method becomes affiliated with, you agree that you will first consult your primary care physician and wave all liability to Matthew Kirsch and his acupuncture & bodywork practice.  

Wellevate Store:

An Online Practitioner 

Prescription Based Platform

Wellevate is an online platform that allows us to:
  1. Prescribe specific supplements & herbs
  2. Suggest a supplement protocol from the emerson medical staff
  3. Delivery to your door
  4. Easy access to refills

Wellevate Site

Coming soon . . .

Placed an application with Everlywell, which supplies at home test kits for many labs, including Covid19.  

Eventually we'll pair test results with supplemental, herbal, holistic and western medicine approaches to your health.

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