Healing Modalities & Flow of​ Your Session

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Kirsch Method:

The uniqueness of this practice . . . 

Traditional acupuncture treatment is to place the acupuncture points and let the person rest 30 to 45 minutes while the practitioner moves onto treating up to 6 additional people within the treatment hour.  In this practice I stay with you after the acupuncture points are placed and sink into the healing work with you through craniosacral, organ (visceral), neural (nerve) contacts.  I believe treating in this manner offers the most of my skill and service, and people who seek this service find comfort in not being left alone and often strong results.  


We begin with listening.  I'll ask you about your health challenge and to understand you beyond a textbook idea, the way your condition presents in your life.  I'll take your pulse, as each position corresponds to a different organ, and look at your tongue, which also gives us a map of the organs.  Matching what you say with what your body shows gives me an understanding of how to best treat you and which acupuncture points will be helpful in your healing.


Acupuncture points are placed to treat the root deficiency, and specific to areas both local and away from the area of pain to further circulation;  because all pain is a form of stagnation, restoring circulation creates effective and lasting change within the person.  


During needle retention, I stay with you in the room and begin to use gentle holding techniques, mostly at the head and sacrum, to allow fluid movement of cerebral spinal fluid and release restrictions within bone, artery, nerve, fascia, muscle, and energetic holdings.  While osteopathic in its origins, Craniosacral Therapy feels energetic in its touch and is as profound in its potential to unwind the body as it is relaxing.


If applicable, we will also work through the abdomen with gentle holding contacts specific to the organs that correct motility (natural movement of the organ that allows the organ to function with greater ease), and mobility (working with the fascial and ligamentous attachments of the organs that often cause pain when restricted, especially back pain). 


The acupuncture needles are removed and disposed of in a medical waste sharps container.  I'll leave the room and let you have a few moments to breathe for yourself.  When you are ready you'll just open the door, I'll answer whatever questions you have about your session or give some feedback of what I learned about you by working with you in your session.  

Treatment Options, Pricing, and Scheduling:

While most choose to be treated as shown above, we do offer two variations to tailor treatments.  

To assist with scheduling or answer any questions, please call or text 512-299-2924.

Click here for the online scheduler

Acupuncture with Bodywork

This is the one on one "signature session" as described above.


Craniosacral Therapy with Visceral and Neural Techniques:  

This practice treats many people who would prefer no acupuncture.  If you do not want acupuncture needles for any reason, this is a fantastic option for your care.


Two Together:

 Acupuncture with Bodywork

For Couples /

Parent / Child (over 8 for acupuncture)

Friends / Coworkers

Choose this option to be treated in the same room together.  Your  treatmenet time is divided equally between you.


per person


  We are honored that you have chosen this practice to assist you in your care.

INSURANCE:   This practice does not accept insurance. However we can give you a "super bill receipt," which is an itemized receipt coded with information that you can submit to your insurance company, and they will reimburse you directly based on your policy.

HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT (HSA):  Acupuncture & Bodywork is covered by most HSA and we can give you an appropriate receipt for care.

DONATION BASED CARE: This practice offers anyone who is being challenged to access care because of financial hardship access to care through a donation basis.  While your health is priceless, this practice understands that sometimes when it rains, it pours, and there is often a collateral expense of multiple doctor visits, medication, perhaps even a leave of absence from a job.  If the stress to afford care limits or has you avoiding care all together, you are welcome to this donation based care.  Please be respectful of this offering, pay regular rates when possible, as when your practitioner steps into the room with you it is his life's work and therefore how he too makes a living.  Donation based care is set up as follows:
  • You may access 2 sessions per month on a donation basis. for 3 months.
  • Choose 'Donation Based Care'  on the online scheduler.
  • We ask for a minimum donation of $55.

FREE "CHLOE CAUSE' PET BEREAVEMENT CARE:  Chloe was my magical kitty, and my little guardian angel.  At 11 years of age she got an infection that spread quickly to her brain and was gone much too soon.  She was the very best healer I have ever known.  To honor her loving memory, this practice offers a free bereavement session within 3 weeks of losing a 4 legged family member, to help feel the feels, and have some comfort and care in your loss without having to think of anything  else.  Please choose "Chloe cause" Free bereavement session on the online scheduler and choose your opening and you are all set.  Please tell your Vet this service exists.  Please note:  THIS SERVICE IS ONLY FOR THE LOSS OF PET.  SHOULD YOU CHOOSE THIS OPTION IN THE ONLINE SCHEDULER FOR ANY OTHER CAUSE, YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR REGULAR SESSION FEES, AND IT IS IMPORTANT THIS PRACTICE MAKES THIS NOTED SO WE CAN CONTINUE TO OFFER THIS SERVICE.